Tuesday, September 14, 2010

14th September celebrated as Hindi Diwas in India

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‘Hindi’ is the mother tongue of India and spoken as common language in various parts of the nation. 14th September, is celebrated as ‘Hindi Diwas’ throughout the nation. Today, the Hindi we speak for our general communication is in fact a mixture of English and Hindi words. We are in fact deviating from our mother tongue. Today, if you tell a working fellow to say alphabets A to Z he will quickly tell them but if he is asked to say the Hindi alphabets, he will eat away many letters.

'Hindi'- Hamari Rashtriya Bhasha

There is nothing wrong in giving importance to English but at the same time it is not right to ignore our mother tongue ‘Hindi’. A balance should be maintained between Hindi and English. I am not telling everybody to become ‘Pandits’ of Hindi but at least what we speak in Hindi should be correct. (These things apply to me as well, as I am one among you.)

Let us share some interesting Hindi words:

1.Do you what do we call a cigarette in Hindi?
Ans. Shwet Vastra Dharini Dhumrpan Dandika.

2.Give the Hindi translation of buttons?
Ans. Asth Vyasth Vastra Niyantrak.

3.What do we call train in Hindi?
Ans. Loh Path Gamini.

4.If we talk about cricket, do you know how cricket is called in Hindi?
Ans. Golgattam Lakkadpattam Tad-a-Tad Mar Pratiyogita.


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