Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chief Ministers, MLA’s and Ministers will draw handsome salary now!

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Chief Minsiters of various states in India are now going to draw a handsome monthly salary. Cabinet has announced increment in the salary of Chief Ministers along with other Ministers, MLA’s, Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Politicians are going to carry heavy wallets now, as increase in salary is really good news for them. It is in fact a relief to the ministers in this period of growing Inflation in India.

Percentage Increase in Salary of Ministers:

1. Chief Ministers of the states in India are the most benefited ones from this announcement of increase in salary by Cabinet. There is astonishing 300% increase in the salary of Chief ministers. Presently Chief Minister’s salary is Rs. 15,000 but as per this modification they will get Rs. 50,000/month. Other services provided to Chief Ministers are apart from this salary.

2. Ministers salary has been doubled. Earlier ministers used to draw Rs. 15,000/month and now they will get Rs. 30,000/month. These ministers also include Deputy CM, Speaker and Ministers of opposition.

3. However, salary of Deputy Speaker and Secretaries is double from Rs. 10,000/month to Rs. 20,000/month.


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