Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Continuous dancing for 115 hours will place Kalamandalam Hemlata in Guiness Book of World Records!

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Some dance for enjoyment, some dance for fun while some are professional dancers. But what would you call a person who can dance for almost 5 days continuously? I think that’s neither fun nor enjoyment but that requires years of hard work, dedication and determination. Yes, prominent dancer in Mohini Attam, Kalamandalam Hemlata has astonishing danced continuously for 115 hours without taking any break. Hemlata has broken the old world record of 108 hours that was achieved by a dancer from Hyderabad.

Kalamandalam Hemlata

This stunning dance performance for 115 continuous hours will soon put the name of Kalamandalam Hemlata in Guiness Book of World Records. After dancing for 115 hours, Hemlata had to be admitted immediately to hospital as she was completely exhausted dancing incessantly. Hemlata had targeted to dance for 120 hours but somehow she could manage to complete 115 hours.


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