Sunday, September 12, 2010

Have you watched 3-Idiots carefully?-I noticed two silly shots. Have you?

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3-Idiots, one of the greatest blockbusters in Indian Cinema starring the ‘Mr. Perfect’, Aamir Khan that had a fantastic script with a good combination of humour, sentiments, friendship attitude but no actions. When the movie was released, it got a fantastic response by the public not only in India but abroad as well.

3 Idiots

When I got to hear the acclaims from my friends about 3-Idiots every now and then, it tempted me to watch the movie. I purchased a DVD of 3-Idiots and watched on my laptop. It was just a ‘Wow’ that I uttered after the completion of the movie. The story line, the true friendship attitude and above all the humour in the movie was fantastic. The movie was so interesting that I watched it 3-4 times. Repeatedly watching the movie 3-Idiots sensed me with two silly shots which looked pretty unrealistic. Those two shots I am going to share with you.

1.When Madhvan is Born in 3-Idiots: In the beginning of the 3-Idiots while Madhvan is narrating the story, he starts from the year he was born. A newly born baby is shown caught by the doctor upside down. The very moment his family member comes (Parikshit Sahni his father, his mother and others) and they together say ‘Farhan Quereshi B.Tech. Engineer’. In the movie Madhvan actually has the name of the character as farhan Quereshi. How come all the family members know the name when the baby is just born? I think baby’s name is decided after few months. (These days people do decide the name of their baby child before birth but Farhan Quereshi was born in late 1970’s in 3-Idiots. )

2.Kareena’s Sister Wedding Scene: While the 3-Idiots (Rancho, Raju and Farhan) came from Raju’s house without having proper dinner, their bellies were still hungry and they had no money to have something outside. At that time Rancho points to the wedding party going on nearby. In that scene, they enter the wedding party dressed with ‘Kurta’ and ‘Wedding Turban’ on their heads. I still think how they managed to purchase such expensive dress items and that also so soon and during late night hours.


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