Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to work on Glaciers will now be taught at National Institute of Glaciology, Dehradun!

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Due to the increasing global warming, the glaciers in Himalayas have started melting with pace and have posed a serious threat. There are in total 9775 glaciers in India out of which 2100 lies in higher altitudes of Himachal Pradesh. Looking into this growing problem senior scientist has decided in a meeting organized by Science and Technology Ministry, to cope up with this problem by providing training to the youth regarding how to work on glaciers.


Till now, National institute of Galciology in Dehradun had been doing research work on glaciers but now training will also be imparted here to work on glaciers. For trial basis, training has been started in the Galciology division of Wadia Institute, Dehradun.


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