Monday, September 13, 2010

HRD planning to rent out computer for students of rural areas in India!

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Recently, HRD department had announced to make Android Tablet PC available to the university students of India at the cheapest price of Rs. 1600. ‘Sakshat’ will be the name of this cheapest PC for students. It is an innovative move by HRD in the field of IT education. That was just for the university students, but now HRD is desiding to make PC’s available in rural areas.

As a result, Human Resource and Development Ministry of India has come out with a fantastic plan to facilitate IT education among the students in rural areas. Most of them are not able to afford their own personal computers (PC). HRD is planning to rent out computers to such students in rural areas at Rs. 15 per day. This will cost around Rs. 450 per month and and that is nominal rent. They can take the PC’s on rent for 4-5 months and get sufficient time to learn many things. This scheme will definitely provide ample opportunity to the students in rural areas to learn the basics of computer.


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