Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Imagine life without food and water?- A Gujarati Fakir is practicing this since 70 years!

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The basic requirement for which every human being works whether he is rich or poor is the food. It has been rightly said in Hindi ‘Paapi Pet’ (Hungry Belly). We have to work for our tummy to keep it full otherwise death is certain. But, if I say there exists a person who has been staying alive fit and fine without food and water for many decades, you all will be flabbergasted to hear this.

Yes, there exists an 82 year old Fakir in Gujarat who has been defying the laws of nature and surviving healthy without food and single drop of water for the past 70 years. Prahlad Jani is the name of this old Fakir and is popularly known as Mataji. Prahlad Jani spends maximum of his time in a small cave in Gabbar hills. There is also a story associated with his extreme resistance to stay alive without food and water. Once three ladies approached Prahlad Jani and took him to the goddess. There he asked the deity that who would take care of his food. On hearing such, the goddess touched his tongue with her finger. Since then, it is said that he lost all the appetite for food and water.

Prahlad Jani alias 'Mataji'

This unique human always wearing a red robe has put a question mark in the minds of science that what is the logic to survive without food or water. As the Fakir haves nothing, as a result he never excrete neither urinates. In order to get a strong proof of this ability of Prahlad Jani, Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Services (DIPAS) performed an investigation on his daily routine. This investigation continued for 15 days capturing every second of Mataji’s activity. The conclusion, DIPAS finally made was that, this man is an extreme ability to survive without food and water. Also, the fakir did not pass any stool neither urinates in this span of 15 days. Science says, medically it is impossible to stay alive without food and water, without urinating for 7 days but Prahlad Jani did it for 15 days.

Prahlad Jani Meditating.

Science is making tests on Prahlad Jani to extract the secret how one can survive so long without food and water. If the solution is found, the technique would be very helpful for soldiers, poor people who have to suffer starvation in many circumstances. Recently a documentary was also made on this extreme ability of Fakir surviving without food and water that stunned the audiences in Cannes Film Festival.


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