Sunday, September 26, 2010

India ranks 21st in foreign investment!

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From the past few years the reports have shown that India has surged in investing in foreign nations. Indian companies have invested above 75 Arab Dollars in foreign nations in the year 2009. This has ultimately placed India at the 21st position among the list of the nations investing the most in foreign countries. Since the year 2000, India has shown almost 50% growths yearly in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Foreign Investment!

Indian companies have been investing in variety of fields in the foreign nations. If we look into the yearly statistics of India’s foreign investment in the past three years we can see a rapid growth in the year 2009. In the year 2007, foreign investment of India was 42 Arab Dollars. While in the year 2008, India invested about 27 Arab Dollars in foreign nations. Foreign investment of India became almost double in the year 2009, with investment of more than 75 Arab Dollars.


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