Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Indian public disappointed by A.R. Rahman’s theme song ‘O Yaron’ for Commonwealth Games!

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Associating a theme song with the popular sports events like Olympics, Football World Cup, Cricket World Cup etc. has been a trend continuing since many years. As India will be hosting the forthcoming Commonwealth games in New Delhi, the responsibility of composing an energetic, encouraging and boosting theme song for Commonwealth games was given to the legend, A.R. Rahman.

A.R. Rahman

The magic of this music veteran, A.R. Rahman could not conjure the Indian public this time. Oscar winner, A.R. Rahman who gave the world songs like ‘Jai Ho’ failed to impress the public in case of theme song for Commonwealth games. ‘O Yaron’, is the theme song made by A.R.Rahman for Commonwealth games. When this song was very first uploaded on 2nd September, 2010 on Internet, people were very curious to listen it but there curiosity proved unfruitful when they heard the song. The people found no punch of sportsmanship neither any feel of nationalism in it.

May be the song is new and that may be the reason for not sounding that energetic but with the passage of time public may like it. Let us keep the fingers crossed for A.R. Rahman’s creation.


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