Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let us talk about Indian television!

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Many of us have grown up watching television, when there used to be just a black and white TV with single channel running on it throughout the nation, that is Doordarshan. Yes I am talking of the decade 1990’s. There used to be black and white TV’s in good percentage in cities but in villages only one of the established families used to afford it and all other neighbors used to make a cinema hall of 10X10 room.

There used to be specific timing of each and every programmes telecast by Doordarshan. Friday and Saturday nights used to be booked for the weekend movies and Sunday afternoon too. People used to finish all the work so that they can enjoy the movie show without any worries. English and Hindi news at about 8 pm on Doordarshan in the evening were like a curse for the children and young ones. It was very difficult to get rid of them. Movie of 3 hours used to seem short but these news on Doordarshan seemed to end up after ages. But as grown up, we now feel, how informative and to the point news they used to give. India seemed to be so united through Doordarshan.


Serials like Yug, Swabhimaan, Shaktimaan, Junior G used to be very famous among kids. Doordarshan gave very much importance to keep our culture and religion alive by means of many religious programmes like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Om Namah Shivaya, Jai Hanuman, Shree Krishna. Ramayana in late 1980’s had become so popular throughout the country that people used to worship the Arun Govil who had worked as Shree Ram in the Ramayana. The songs in the Ramayana used to bring tears in the eyes of thousand viewers throughout the nation. These sources provide a source to keep in touch with our great Indian Epics, Indian Gods and our culture.

Today, all these things seems to be buried deep inside. Entry of cable television and number of private news channels, though has provided people with more source of entertainment but has broken the bond of being one. People have become very busy. Channels are just second away from remote click. Hundreds of channels are being telecast with thousands of programmes. News channels have also became the business of money earning rather conveying up to date general knowledge and information to the people.

Some Facts of Indian Television:

1.The very first serial popularly called ‘Natak’ in India was ‘Hum Log’. It was telecast on Indian television from July 7th 1984 to December 5th 1985. In this span of almost one and half year, ‘Hum Log’ completed 156 episodes.

2. The entry of first private TV Channel in India was in the year 1992 and it was ZEE TV.

3.The very first telefilm that was telecast on Indian television was ‘Sadgati’ by Stayajit Ray. It was telecast in the year 1981.

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