Friday, September 10, 2010

Mobile Phones to give exams in a college in Bengaluru!

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Who says mobile phones are not good for students?

When it is used to give exams, to have a check on the students attendance, to report to the parents about their children academic performance.

Yes, it is true, a First Grade college in Bengaluru named Yelahanka has announced for its students that they can now answer their examination questions in mobile phones. Use of mobile phones has often been considered interrupting in class rooms but this college in Seshadripuram has come out with a very innovative and constructive use of mobile phones for students. This innovative use of mobile phones is termed as ‘Interactive Platform on Mobile’ (IPOMO).

Use and Benefits of IPOMO?

1. First of all the college will provide the common model mobile handsets to all the students and teachers. All the required instructions in using the mobile phones will be given to the teachers and students. The best thing is that message and gaming facility have been disabled in these mobile phones.

2. When a question paper is set it will be displayed with questions on mobile phones with four options. Students can select the correct option. After competing all the questions there will be a submit option. One can revise the paper before submitting and can change the answers if he/she wants.

3. When the answers are submitted by the students, they will automatically be recorded in the server and will be checked further.

4. In case of mathematical calculations, a calculator is also provided in the mobile handsets and it can be used by the students.

5. These mobile handsets will be very beneficial in marking the attendance of the students. For attendance teachers will be provided with a password. Entering the password he/she will get the list of course, section, subjects, students etc.

6. Students have to mark their attendance in first 15 minutes of class. If students has not marked the attendance for past 3 days, the candidates will be highlighted in the server and teacher will get that information in mobile. Automatically an SMS will also be sent to the parents of the respective student informing his/her absence from college lectures for three continuous days.

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