Monday, September 13, 2010

Now IIT’s in India will produce Doctors too!

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When we talk of IITians, an image of professional and skilled engineers comes to our mind. Indian Institute of Technologies are most reputed institutions in India imparting engineering education. Students have to pass the toughest examination of IIT-JEE with good rank to seek admission in IIT’s. But now IIT’s will not remain limited to engineering courses. Human Resource Development Ministry is planning to start medical courses in IIT’s to produce skilled doctors as well.

Recently in a meeting of IIT Council under the chairmanship of HRD Minsiter Kapil Sibil, it was decided to start medical courses in Indian Institute of Technologies. IIT Kharagpur has suggested the need of starting medical courses in IIT’s. However, to include medical courses in IIT’s there need to be an amendment in IIT Act. Also, it requires the permission of Medical Council of India (MIC) for the inclusion of medical courses.

It was also decided in the meeting to allow certain percentage of foreign faculty as well as foreign students in IITs. 25% foreign students can seek admission for post graduate courses in IIT’s not in graduate courses. 10% of foreign faculty can be appointed in IIT’s has also been finalized.


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