Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rare Mahatma Gandhi’s remains preserved by Antony Chhitukara!

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Many people have a very good hobby of collecting antiques like coins, stamps, vintage cars etc. Such people have a great affection towards old things that makes us know our past. One such personality is a teacher from Trichur named Antony Chhitukara who has preserved several rare items related to ‘Father of the Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi. Though Sabarmati Ashram, today contains the maximum collection of things related to Mahtama Gandhi but there are few people like Antony Chhitukara who have their own collection of rare remains of Mahtama Gandhi.

70 year old Antony Chhitukara has many things associated with Mahtama Gandhi in his personal museum. The famous ‘Charkha’ which Gandhiji took with him to London during Round Table Conference, is preserved with Antony. This ‘Charkha’ of Gandhiji was gifted to Antony by prominent follower of Gandhiji’s principles, Naduvilapt Raghava Poduval.

Another interesting item in Antony’s collection related to Gandhiji is the hand full of sand with blood of Gandhiji when he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. When Gandhiji had fallen down after being shot , this sand spotted with Gandhiji’s blood was collected by P. Nambiar.

There are many other things related to Gandhiji in Antony’s museum and all these things are very valuable for him. Once, Antony was offered 10 lakh dollars for his collection by Switzerland museum owner, but he refused the offer. Refusal to an offer of crores shows the respect and honour Antony has for the Mahtama Gandhiji’s remains.


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