Thursday, September 23, 2010

US Report on Global Governance declares India as 3rd most powerful nation in the world!

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Looking into the percentage of global governance role of each country in the world, an official US report declared India as the third most powerful nation in the world. Topping the list is United States followed by China as the second most powerful nation in the world. For the survey made for the year 2010, it has been found that United States contributes nearly 22% of the global power and ranked as the most powerful nation in the world. Whereas, China has nearly 12% of the global power and hence ranking second. India has nearly 8% of global power. However, if we look into the percentage of European Union, it is more than 16%.

India's Global Governance

According to ‘Global Governance 2025’, the percentage figures are going to change drastically. It is believed that China, India and Brazil will rise in their global power in coming yearsand US will drop down but the order of ranking of these nations is not expected. By the year 2025, United States will drop from 22% to 18% of global power. China will rise from 12% to nearly 16% of global power. Whereas, India will jump from 8% to 10% of global power in 2025.


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