Sunday, September 19, 2010

We can fly ourselves if this is possible....

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From Where I Got the Idea:

I don’t know how it can be accomplished but yet I have an idea in my mind since long that we can fly ourselves without any equipment but just one thing required, which I will disclose later. You, all might have heard the story of Newton that while sitting under a tree, he saw an apple dropping from the tree. Not like a normal human being he took it casually but pondered over it. Finally, he drew the conclusion that there is something that attracts everything. It was the discovery of Gravitational force.

Against Gravity

Coming to My Innovative Idea:

Though we have seen everything being attracted towards earth, we have called gravitational force as an attractive force. But imagine, if we find a substance somewhere in space or during astronaut’s visit to moon, that gets repelled by earth, what a discovery it would be. If such a material is found, we can make use of it to fly. Suppose if a flat mat shape structure of such material is made and we sit on it, it will get repelled by earth and we would be in the air.

Suitability of My Idea:

I know my innovative idea might be sounding very funny, but let me tell, when the things are not known, they always seem to be funny and impossible. When Graham Bell used to tell people that we can make a device by which we can communicate with distant people, they used to laugh and consider it impossible. But now we are with mobile technology all because of Graham Bell’s initially discovery of telephone.


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