Sunday, September 12, 2010

What moral you get from the story- The hen who laid golden eggs?

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In most of the Indian schools, students are taught a very interesting story in Kindergartens about a hen who used to give golden eggs. Actually, most of the lessons at such age are to provide moral to the students and hence called the moral story. As a child I have also read it and found very interesting. But as a child the moral, I found from it was pretty different from what the writer wanted to convey and I hope maximum of the Indian students might have felt like that only.

Let us first have a gist of the golden egg giving hen story. There was a poultry farm owner who had a very unique hen in his farm. The hen used to give a golden egg every morning. The poultry farm owner used to sell that golden egg that very morning and earn handsome money. After that he used to eagerly wait for the next morning to get another golden egg and as such he used to spend sleepless nights. The greed kept growing and now he wanted to become rich soon. Selling one egg everyday will take very long to become wealthy, so an idea clicked in his mind, that if he kills the hen, he will get all the golden eggs and will become rich soon. The very next morning, he got up and axed the hen. The net result was that he had to repent on his blunder as he lost his precious hen and got nothing.

Poultry Farm Owner Killed the Hen.

Moral (as by Writer): Never be Voracious (Lalach Buri Bala Hai).

The Moral I Got: How cruel was the poultry farm owner! Didn’t his soul feel pity for the innocent hen. If I could get that poultry farm owner I would axe him as he did with that hen. In nutshell, I also stress, never kill animals for their flesh. Be a Vegetarian!


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