Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wheat grain of a size of cricket ball-Isn’t that amazing?

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If I ask you have you ever seen a wheat grain and, if yes, what is its general size?
You would definitely tell me that wheat grain is a little bigger than rice and smaller than a maize grain. But If I will tell you that I have seen a wheat grain as big as a cricket ball, surely you are not going to believe my words.

Amazing Wheat Grain

Yes friends, there exists a temple of Pandavas era in the Karsog region of Himachal Pradesh which has still preserved many unique things related to Pandavas. The name of the temple is Mamleshwar temple. There is a wheat grain preserved in a small box which is as big as the size of cricket ball. Pujaris of the temple reveal that it is the wheat grain of Pandavas time. At that time the normal size of the wheat grain used to be this much big. Watching such an astonishingly big wheat grain makes anybody dumbfounded. The wheat grain is just taken out and shown to the visitors on some special occasions not regularly.

There also few other strange things preserved inside this temple. A bunch of wooden pieces burning since Pandavas era. They keep on burning and Pujaris just have to place more logs of wood when the other gets finished.

Eternal Burning Woods

There also exists a huge Drum called ‘Dhol’ which Bhim (one of the five Pandavas) used to play during Dwaparyug.

Bhim's Drum (Dhol)


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