Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who came first? - A hassle that turned into laughter!

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Sometimes, we come across very interesting experiences and incidences in our life. Some makes us laugh for a while, some keeps amazed and while some puts in a shock. Many become beautiful remembrance while others become a dreadful past. Time is the remedy for everything as it heals every wound and makes us cherish every beautiful moment.

Day before yesterday (i.e. 27th September, 2010), I also came across a very funny incidence that made me laugh for a while. I had gone to Telephone office to deposit the monthly bill of my land line phone. The moment I entered the office, I saw a long queue of people near the counter. Frustrated to see this and having no alternative, I just quietly incremented the queue by one by standing at the end. Internally I had made up my mind and encouraged my legs to stand like that at least for an hour because before that it was impossible to get the turn. Having nothing to do, nobody to talk to I was just making me busy with my cell phone surfing internet and sometimes gazing around.

Who came first? Hmmmmmm......

Slowly, I was moving step by step forward as the toppers in the queue were getting finished with their bill deposits. But one thing was pinching me every now and then. Any women who entered into the office easily got their bills deposited without standing in the long queue as there is always relaxation for ladies to make separate queue. A few minutes later two people (male) directly moved to the counter without joining the queue. One of them immediately placed their bill at the counter. Now, I was getting angry as it had been about half an hour for me standing there but even then kept silent.

But there was one man in our queue who just dared to revolt against this. Following was the conversation:

Man in our queue: What’s this going on? We have come here since long and you have come just now.

Other two: No, we have come long before you.

Man: How come? I have been here for past 1 hour.

Other two: I have come long back in 1935 and the other guy with me came in 1937. He pointed towards the board where it was written, ‘Queue for Senior Citizen’.

That was the moment when that hot argument changed into a big laughter and everybody standing there could not control laughing.

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