Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will Sachin Tendulkar complete 14,000 runs in Mohali Test?- A new world record awaited!

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Praises and commendations often seem to be very meager, when have to talk about ‘Master Blaster’, Sachin Tendulkar. An inspiration for millions of cricket aspirants not only in India but worldwide, Sachin Tendulkar is on his way to achieve another milestone. Having a long list of world records, another world record is soon awaited from Sachin’s magical bat.

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'Master Blaster'- Sachin Tendulkar

From 1st October, 2010 a test series is going to start between India and Australia. Sachin Tendulkar is just 163 runs away from 14,000 runs mark in test matches. Till now, nobody in the cricket test history has been able to reach 14,000 runs. If Sachin manages to achieve 163 plus runs in these test matches, Sachin will become the first cricketer in the world to complete 14,000 runs in test matches. Sachin Tendulkar has played 169 test matches till now and has 13,837 runs to his name.

Sachin Tendulkar has made 48 centuries in test matches. Thus, if he scores two centuries more in these test matches, Sachin Tendulkar will be the first cricketer to complete 50 centuries (‘Half Century in Centuries in Test Matches’) in the world. Thus, two new world records can be seen simultaneously from Sachin’s bat in Mohali test matches (Good luck, Sachin!). Rahul Dravid is another man just near to a world record. Rahul Dravid is just four catches away from 200 catches in test matches. If Rahul Dravid manages to have four catches in this test series, Rahul Dravid will become the first cricketer to have 200 catches (Double Century in Catches) in test cricket.


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