Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blutag Technology- A mobile application developed by IIT students to locate your belongings!

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It often happens most of the times that you are not able to find your wallet, watch, car keys, spectacles or any other regular use belongings when you need them urgently. You often lose your temper locating these things. Now, you need not to worry about messing up the rooms for your belongings as Blutag technology helps you in finding your items.

Blutag Technology is a spirit of Engineering Project (SOE) developed at Centre for Innovation in IIT Campus, Madras. Blutag technology is basically based on the use of Bluetooth technology and mobile phones to locate your regular use items. Working on this idea are two students from IIT Madras of engineering design department. It was in the month of April, 2010 when these students started to work on this project of Blutag technology. Now, they have been successful in using mobile phones to locate the items which will be attached with Bluetooth module to locate within a range of 10 metres.

How Blutag Technology Works to Locate Your Belongings?

1. First of all make a list of all the items which you consider to be misplaced in your room or office cabin frequently like watch, wallet etc. Then a Bluetooth module is attached to each of these items and this Bluetooth module contains a unique code. This unique code will be placed in a chip like strip or bar code sticker and will be attached to your belongings.

2. A unique application has been developed by the IIT students that will be made available in the mobile phones. Now with this application your mobile phone will be able to detect the items tagged with unique code.

3. When any of your items get misplaced, just open the application in your mobile phone and specify the object you are searching for. The application will automatically search for the unique code and connect with the Bluetooth module of the lost item. On successful collection the lost item will produce a beep sound and will start glowing making you to locate it easily.

Blutag is going to be a remarkable technology using mobile phones in the years to come and will gain popularity worldwide. Moreover, more efforts may help it to locate the things at distant locations as well.


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