Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Check Out My Coins of the Denomination: 10 Paise!

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10 Paise Coins:
1. Simple Small 10 Paise Coin (Iron): 1959

2. Equality Development Peace: 1975. The coin shows a woman and a leaflet.
3. Food and Work for All: 1976

4. Happy Child Nation’s Pride: 1976. The coin shows picture of a boy child and girl child enclosed in a rectangle with sun at the top.

5. Food and Water for All: 1978. The coin shows a house, tree and water flowing.
6. Simple Big 10 Paise Coin (Aluminium): 1979.

10 Paise Coins!

7. Rural Women’s Advancement: 1980. The coin shows a well and a rural woman washing clothes.

8. World Food Day: 1981. The coin shows picture of a couple farmer carrying bunch of grass.

9. World Food Day: 1982

10. IX Asian Games: 1982. The coin has the sign of Asian Games on it.

11. Simple Small 10 Paise Coin (Aluminium): 1987

12. Simple New Very Small 10 Paise Coin : 1990

13. Planned Families, Food for All: A family of four viz. Husband, wife and two children surrounded by two leaflets.


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