Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Check Out My Coins of the Denomination: 50 Paise!

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50 Paise Coins:

1. King George Emperor VI, Half Rupee (Lion on it): 1947. The coin has a picture of muscular lion in the front and George King Emperor VI at the back side.

2. Jawaharlal Nehru: 1889-1964. Like 1Rs. coin, this 50 Paise coin was minted in the remembrance of Jawaharlal Nehru showing his picture without cap.

3. Rupee ka Adha Bhag, 50 Paise: 1968

4. 25th Swatantarta Jayanti: 1947-1972. In order to commemorate 25 years of Indian Independence, this coin was minted in the year 1972 showing the picture of a man and woman carrying the Indian flag.

5. 50 Paise with Two Leaflets: 1972

6. Grow More Food: 1973. The coin shows two leaflets surrounding the text ‘Grow More Food’

50 Paise Coins!

7. Indira Gandhi: 1984. The coin shows the picture of Indira Gandhi.

8. Reserve Bank of India, Golden Jubilee: 1935-1985. Reserve Bank of India started in India in the year 1935. In order to commemorate 50 years of Reserve Bank of India this coin was minted in the year 1985 showing the sign of RBI, i.e. a tiger standing in front of a palm tree.

9. Fisheries: 1986. The coin shows two fishermen with their nets catching fishes while on their boat.

10. Old 50 Paise: 1987

11. New 50 Paise: 1991

12. 50th Year of Independence: 1947-1997. India completed 50 years of independence in the year 1997 and to commemorate 50 years of Indian Independence this coin was minted showing a queue of Indian freedom fighters lead by Mahatma Gandhi.


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