Saturday, October 2, 2010

Facebook will operate globally now from its centre at Hyderabad!

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Ranking at the top among all social networking sites is the most popular ‘Facebook’. In a country like India where Orkut remained at top for couple of years but finally was put down by Facebook in the year 2010. Facebook users have shown rapid growth in India from 8 million users to 15 million users within six months this year. Looking into the rapidly growing market of Facebook users in India, Facebook had decided to open its global operations centre in India. Now, after six months of announcement it has reached to accomplishment when Facebook Company officially started with its global operations centre in Hyderabad city.

Facebook's Global Operation Centre in India Now!

Dublin is the first centre of Facebook outside United States and now Hyderabad has become the second global operations centre of Facebook outside US. It is really a matter of great pride for India that world’s top ranked social networking site has its global centre now in the Hyderabad city of India. Here in Hyderabad operations centre of Facebook, round the clock support will be provided to the worldwide users of Facebook and advertisers by advertising and developer support teams.

Presently, the Facebook team has started with a small office in Hyderabad city and started with its operation with nearly 50 employees. However, with the passage of time the work will definitely expand and bigger office premises will be made available. Moreover, the employees working at Facebook’s Hyderabad centre will increase up to 1500-2000 within two to three years.


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