Thursday, October 14, 2010

Indians top in changing jobs in search of better jobs!

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Every human being often has the tendency to shift to a better job than the present one. This reveals the ‘aiming high’ attitude of human being. Recently a survey by ‘Ma Foi Randstad Work Monitor’ made it very clear that Indians leave behind everybody in terms of this ‘aiming high’ attitude and more frequently change their jobs. 80% of Indian employees want to leave their present job and enter into such a company or firm which provides them better opportunity to progress and grow and also provide them faith and trust.

Ma Foi Randstad Work Monitor Survey revealed that out of 10 Indian employees 8 wanted to change their job . According to this survey, India tops with 141 points in terms of ‘World Mobility Index’. This index directly means that Indian employees change their jobs most frequently than any other in the world. After Indians, it is the Chinese and Mexican employees who rank at 2nd and 3rd position respectively in terms of changing their jobs.

The report made out of the survey also revealed Indian employees in the age group of 25-34 years have the maximum tendency to leave the present job and shift to another one. The report also says that Indian companies keep better care of their employees as compared to other nations. 53% of Chinese employees were satisfied with their companies while this percentage was high in case of Indian employees. 73% of Indian employees were satisfied with the companies they were working.


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