Sunday, October 17, 2010

India’s First AC Double Decker Coach on Railway Tracks Now!

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It was on 16th October, 2010 that India’s first Air-Conditioned Double Decker Rake of Indian Railways marked its journey between Howrah and Dhanbad. These AC Double Decker Rake of Indian Railways are high speed coaches built of stainless steel and built according to international standards. These air conditioned double decker coaches are not only attractive and comfortable but also best in technology.

AC Double Decker Coaches by Indian Railways!

Features of India’s First AC Double Decker Coaches:

1. There are 10 normal coaches, eight Double Decker coaches and two power cars for energy supply.

2. The two power cars will provide the supply for light and air conditioning facilities in the Double Decker coaches.

3. The speed of the Double Decker coaches will be around 160 kms/hr on the railway track.

4. Normal Shatabdi coaches have a sitting capacity of 78 passengers in one coach while Double Decker coaches will have a sitting capacity of 128 passengers per coach.

5. Normal Shatabdi coaches cost around 2.3 crore and these AC Double Decker Coaches cost around 2.5 crores.

6. Keeping in view the various overhead structures which come across during the train journey like tunnels, bridges, cables and wires, the height of AC Double Decker Coaches is not increased much. The AC Double Decker coaches will be just 4.5 inches higher than the normal coaches.

7. Control discharge toilet system will be available in these AC Double Decker coaches.

Definitely, these new innovation by Indian railways is going to reduce the congestion among the people regularly traveling by train as AC Double Decker coaches provide more sitting capacity as compared to normal coaches. Also people will enjoy a more comfortable journey.


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