Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mukesh Ambani’s house ‘ Antilia’-The most luxurious home of an individual in the world!

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Imagine a luxurious house touching the sky with its dozens of storey built completely for an individual. A house with helipads, mini-theater, parking facility for hundreds of cars and many more facilities one cannot even imagine. Yes, such a dream house is the house of India’s richest person, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries. Mukesh Ambani with the estimated wealth of $27 billion tops the list of billionaires in India as reported by Forbes Magazine in the year 2010. This 53 year old business tycoon, Mukesh Ambani will soon move to his house along with his wife and three children during this festive season.

‘Antilia’, is the name of this huge, beautiful and luxurious mansion built as the house for Mukesh Ambani. The name of the Mukesh Ambani’s house, ‘Antilia’ is after the famous island in the Atlantic Ocean. ‘Antilia’ was in construction process for the past seven years and finally it has reached its completion and Mukesh Ambani will enter into his dream house at the end of October, 2010. This fantastic palace like house of Mukesh Ambani is a 27-storeyed luxurious building which is a unique one in the Altamount Road in South Mumbai. This multi-million dollar skyscraper of Mukesh Ambani is taller than most of the other buildings in its vicinity and can be easily recognized from distance in any direction.

'Antilia'- Mukesh Ambani's Luxurious House!

Features of ‘Antilia’-Mukesh Ambani’s Luxurious House in South Mumbai:

1. ‘Antilia’ is a sky touching building with 27-storey incorporated with world class facilities.

2. ‘Antilia’ is like a glass tower with a height of about 570 feet above the ground.

3. The total worth of Mukesh Ambani’s ‘Antilia’ is about 630 million pounds.

4. There are three helipads on the top floor of the building.

5. The house also comprises of world class swimming pool, health club with gym and dance studio, salon and a mini-theatre with a sitting capacity of 50 people.

6. The first six floors of the building have been specifically built for parking of the cars. Parking facility for maximum of 160 cars is available at a time.

7. Several lounges, guestrooms and ballrooms.

8. It requires a staff of about 600 people to maintain this 27- storey house of Mukesh Ambani.

Looking into the several high-class facilities provided in this single house, ‘Antilia’ is considered to be the most luxurious home owned by an individual anywhere in the world. Mukesh Ambani, has set an example to the billionaires all around the world by building this fantastic structure as his house. ‘Antilia’ has become the centre of attraction for the people in South Mumbai, as it is the building of its own kind and has no match.


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