Monday, October 18, 2010

Multimedia Sikh Museum opened in Canada- First of its kind outside India!

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If we talk of Sikh culture outside India, it is of course Canada where one can find many Indians from state of Punjab who have permanently settled there. There are around 5 lakh Punjabis in Canada and one can feel very homely due to the Sikh culture spread widely in Canada. Now, Canada has become the first country outside India to have a unique ‘Mutlimedia Sikh Museum’ which was recently opened in the city of Mississauga. This Canadian city Mississauga in Canada is thickly populated by Indians and hence chosen the destination for this ‘Multimedia Sikh Museum’.

The biggest Sikh shrine in North America, ‘Ontario Khlasa Darbar’ was where the ‘Multimedia Sikh Museum’ was opened by 90 year old mayor McCallion. The inauguration was witnessed by many Indians repeating the holy words ‘Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal’ at the time of opening ceremony. It took almost 25 years for the successful completion of this unique ’Multimedia Sikh Museum’ in Mississauga, Canada. In order to make people acquainted with the 5th largest religion in the world ‘Sikhism’, this ‘Multimedia Sikh Museum’ is built in Canada and two similar museums have already been opened in Punjab. One can get the entire information about past, present and future of Sikh culture and religion in this museum in the form of text, audio, video, animation etc.

Features of ‘Multimedia Sikh Museum’ in Mississauga, Canada:

1. First multimedia museum of its kind for any religion in the world.

2. The Multimedia Sikh Museum is built in the shape of pentagon.

3. The multimedia Sikh Museum is spread over an area of about 1500 square feet.

4. In order to provide the visitors information related to Sikhism digitally, the Multimedia Sikh Museum is provided with four touch screens and many TV screens.

5. It took almost 25 years to complete this Multimedia Sikh Museum in Mississauga, Canada.

6. There are about 1500 paintings revealing the important events of Sikh history.

By constructing this masterpiece in a foreign nation really reveals the faith, respect towards our religion. ‘Multimedia Sikh Museum’ in Canada will help people of other communities to know Sikh culture better and more deeply.


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