Sunday, October 3, 2010

Record breaking sale by India’s largest car manufacturer, Maruti!

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‘Maruti’ the most popular indigenous car manufacturer of India and also the largest producer of cars in India has shown astonishingly great increase in its sales in the month of September, 2010. In fact, Maruti has broken all the previous records of its car sales. In the month of September, 2010 Maruti sold as much as 1,08,006 cars which is the highest ever by Maruti in a single month. This record breaking sale has earned a huge profit to the company.


As compared to the previous year, the sale in the month of September, 2009 there has been an increase of 29.65 percent in the sales of Maruti. Last year the sale in month of September was 83,306 cars and in 2010 it crossed the 1 lakh mark. August month of 2010 was also very good for the sale of Maruti cars and the figures reached to the sale of 1,04,791 cars. The year 2010 has proved to be very good for the sale of Maruti as it crossed its sales figure above 1 lakh four times. This increase in sales of cars has given a great boost up to the Maruti car manufacturers to invest more. Within the span of three years Maruti is planning to invest a sum of Rs. 61 Arab in their programmes.

The September month of 2010 was not only lucky for Maruti but also for Chennai’s TVS Motors. TVS motor also had the record breaking sales of its vehicles in the month of September, 2010. TVS motor had a sale of astonishingly 1,88,005 vehicles in September, 2010 while it was just 1,43,753 in September, 2009.


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