Monday, October 4, 2010

Six times increase in the wealth of Ambani brothers in six years!

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Ambani’s have always their name in the list of richest people in India or world for the past many years. Recently, a list of top 100 billionaires from India placed elder brother Mukesh Ambani at 1st place while younger brother Anil Ambani at 6th position among the richest person in India. If we look into the combined wealth of Ambani brothers, it crosses 40 Arab Dollars. If the brother wouldn’t have parted they would be far ahead from other billionaires in India.

Ambani Brothers!

In the year 2004, Forbes magazine for the first time made the list of top 40 richest people in India. At that time, Ambani brothers were working together and were ranked at 3rd position among the richest people in India. In 2004 their total wealth was estimated to be 6.4 Arab Dollars. There were only 13 billionaires in India in the year 2004 while there are 69 billionaires in India in the year 2010. After 1 year the Ambani borthers parted and at that time total wealth of Mukesh Ambani was 7 Arab Dollars while that of Anil Ambani was 5.5 Arab Dollars.

If we look into the present wealth statistics of Ambani borthers, the graph has reached greater heights. In the year 2010, Forbes estimates of Mukesh Ambani’s wealth are 27.1 Arab Dollars whereas of Anil Ambani it is 13.3 Arab Dollars. The combined wealth of Ambani brothers in 2010 turns out to be more than 40 Arab Dollars. Comparing it with 6 Arab Dollars in 2004, there has been an six times increment in Ambani brothers wealth in the past six years (2004-2010). Siblings of Late Dhirubhai Ambani are making the country proud every year in the business world.


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