Saturday, October 2, 2010

The movie ‘Robot’ finds a fantastic opening throughout India on October 1st, 2010!

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The most awaited movie of the recent days, ‘Robot’ found a terrific release across the country and in over 1000 theatres in Tamil Nadu itself. The special effects and modern technology used in this sci-fi was appreciated by the public. This multi-crore movie of worth Rs. 150 crores is the costliest movie in Indian cinemas ever. Kalanithi Maran is the producer of the movie ‘Robot’. Shankar being the director of the movie ‘Robot’ is happy with the fantastic response to the film. It took almost two years for ‘Robot’ movie to complete and was finally on Indian cinema halls on 1st October, 2010.

Movie 'Robot' Starring Rajnikant and Aishwariya Rai!

The main characters of the movie are Rajnikant in the dual role of scientist and Robot named ‘Chitti’, Aishwaraya who falls in love with Robot ‘Chitti’ and Deny Denzongpa also in the movie. Rajnikant as a scientist dreams to develop such a robot who could obey him and do all work for him. Unlike other robots, he wanted to make such a robot that could understand feelings and have emotions. One day, he gets success in developing such a robot and names him as ‘Chitti’. The character of Robot is also performed by Rajnikant himself. The story takes a turn when, Aishwarya Rai the girlfriend of scientist falls in love with the machine ‘Chitti’.That marks the beginning of clash between scientist Rajnikant and Robot Rajnikant.

The script of the movie is pretty good to influence the audience but above all the use of special effects is praiseworthy. Crores of Rajnikanth fan follower were eagerly waiting for the movie to be released and now they have it on big screens. Wishing a great success to ‘Robot’ in the coming days.


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