Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Add or Create SSL Certificate in IIS 7 on Local Machine

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In this tutorial I will explain about how to add self - signed SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate in IIS 7 on localhost. In previous article I explained how to Install IIS on Windows7 and How to Deploy website in IIS7.

Steps to Create Self signed SSL Certificate are as follows:

Step 1:   Start IIS by typing the command inetmgr in windows command prompt as shown in the diagram below:

inetmgr to start iis

Step 2:       In the IIS (Internet Information Services) select the Connection from left side of window  and then double click on Server Certificates as shown in image below:

server certificates in IIS

Step 3:     The server certificate window will open. In Actions click on Create Self-signed certificate as shown in the picture below:

create self signed cert in iis
Step 4:  Type the name for certificate. I named the certificate Test as shown in diagram below:

specify friendly name in iis
Step 5:   Click on OK button . The self-signed certificatewould be added in IIS as you can see the Test certificate we have created in this tutorial is visible in Server Certificates shown in the diagram below:
Server Certificates in IIS 7

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