Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Create New Website in .Net Using Visual Studio 2012

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In  this article we will study about creating a new website Using Visual Studio 2012.

The steps are discussed below:

Step 1: Start Visual Studio 2012. If you don’t know how to start visual studio then   follow this article.

Step 2: Click on File->New->Website. New Website window will open as shown in picture below:

New website in visual studio 2012

Step 3: In the left side expand the Templates node. Then select the preferred language either Visual Basic or Visual C#. In the right side of this window Select ASP.NET empty website.

ASP.NET Empty website in visual studio 2012

Step 4: 
   In the Bottom for Web Location Select File System. Specify the path of the website where you  want to save it on your Computer .

Step 5:   Click on Ok button.

Step 6:   In Solution Explorer Right click on Website name you specified in the previous step. Then go to Add->AddNewItem as shown in picture below:

Add New Item visual studio 2012

Step 7:   In the left side select the language Under Installed template and then select WebForm. Give some name to web Form and then click on Ok button as shown below in the picture:
Add Web Form visual studio 2012

Step 8:   Then add some text to Default.aspx page(or the name of the page you specified in step 7) as shown in picture below:

Add text to web form in visual studio 2012

Step 9:      Save the Page and then press F5. A pop up window will open select the radio button (Modify web.config file to enable debugging).Click  on Ok  button.

Step 10:   The site will open in the browser and the text you  entered will be displayed.


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