Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Publish Website in Visual Studio 2012

This article is about publishing the website in visual studio 2012. To publish website in 4.5 framework follow the given steps:

If you want to publish web application in Visual studio 2012 then follow this article:
Publish Web Project(Application in Visual Studio 2012.

 To publish website in 4.0 see this article Publish website in Visual studio 2010.

I have taken an example which show with diagram the whole process of publishing website.

Step 1:  Click on Build Menu in VS 2012 and then click on Publish Web Site as shown in the picture below:

Publish website in visual studio 2012

Step 2:       Select the Target Location where you want to save the published website and then click on Ok button as shown in picture below:

website publish in vs 2012

Step 3:     Site would be published to the folder specified in step 2 above.


  1. Thank you for the instruction, but if I have an sql database in the folder app_data, do I need to use Microsoft Sql Managment Studio, if i want to host my website locally

    1. Hi ,
      If you have added sql db in app_data folder then you don't need sql management studio . You can just specify connection string in following format: Server=.\SQLExpress;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|mydbfile.mdf;Database=dbname;

  2. Howdy, My publish dialog (Vs2012, ASP.NET 4.5.1) looks nothing like your example. Could it be different for a "Web Site" than a "Web Application"? You are not specific...

    First step on my publish is to "Select or import a publish profile"....



    1. Hello Mr. Rob,
      This tutorial is to publish website in Visual studio 2012 , But your are trying to publish web application . To publish web application follow another article on this website:
      Publish web application in visual studio 2012