Monday, May 13, 2013

IIS Installation on Windows 7

IIS( Internet Information Services) also known as Internet Information Server can be installed on windows 7 by reading the steps which I am going to discus here in this article. If you are .net developer then probably you want to configure IIS to deploy website.

Steps to Install IIS (Internet Information Services) on windows 7 with snapshots:
Step 1: Click on Start Icon and then click on Control Panel as shown in picture below:

Control Panel in window 7 

Step 2: In the next step  select Programs and Features in Control Panel window as shown in the image below:

Program and Features in Control Panel

Step 3: In the next step of IIS installation click on Turn Windows features on or off  in Programs and Features as shown in the image below:

Turn windows features on or off

Step 4: In the Turn Windows features on or off tick the check box Internet Information Services as shown in the picture below, it will take some time for installation of IIS,
 so wait until the installation finishes.

Internet Information Services

Step 5: To check whether IIS installed or not on the system type the text IIS in search Programs and Files as shown in the picture below or type http://localhost in the browser,  the IIS default window will open. So you have successfully installed IIS in windows 7.
Internet Information Services


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