Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Install nopCommerce shopping Cart on localhost using SQL Server 2008

This tutorial will demonstrate the steps to install nopcommerce using Visual Studio 2010 on local machine. Nopcommerce is an open source shopping solution in ASP.Net.

Steps to run nopcommerce on localhost are as follows:

1. Download nopCommerce from here if not downloaded already . You can download nopcommerce with no source or with source code.

2.In this tutorial I have downloaded nopCommerce with no source.

3.After download unzip the file. Now open the folder and then select all files and copy them.
4.Create a new folder and paste the files which you copied in step number 3.
Here I created MyShop(note that name of the folder should be without space otherwise you will get error when you run the site on browser) folder to paste the files which I copied in step 3.
5.Next step is to open Visual Studio. Then Select File->Open->website. Select MyShop folder and click on Open.
6. In the next step Right click on the website in Solution Explorer and then select View in Browser.
7. In the browser nopcommerce installation page will open.
8.First enter store Information i.e. Email Address which is by default and Admin Password. These credential will be used while logging to Admin section of your shopping cart.
9.In Database Information select the radio button reading Use SQL Server (or SQL Express) database[Recommended] option.
10.Select check box Create database if doesn't exist.

11. Select the radio button 'Enter Sql Connection values' as shown above. Enter Sql Server Name which you can find by opening sql server management studio.

12. Enter the name for new database and then click on Install.

13. Installation screen will popup and load for few seconds and then the store will open if everything is setup accordingly.

14. Check the database where you will find database MyNewShop for this installation of nopcommmerce.


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  2. Thanks for explaining how to install this on a local machine. Open Source solutions are becoming more and more popular. I think the growth is driven in part by the pact that developers are making more of an effort to make these tools compatible with other applications which are on the market.