Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Steps to Install nopcommerce on IIS(Internet Information Services) using Sql Server as Database

In this tutorial we will cover the process of setting up the nopcommerce( free shopping cart) solutions using IIS on localhost.
  1. Start IIS. To start IIS click on Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools ->Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager.
  2. If IIS is not installed on your PC then follow this tutorial steps to install nop commerce on localhost Install IIS on Windows 7.
  3. Download nopCommerce from here if not downloaded already . You can download nopcommerce with no source or with source code.
  4. Here I have downloaded nopcommerce with no source code.
  5. Unzip the downloaded file. Copy the content of the unzipped folder.nop commerce with no source code
  6. Go to C drive of your pc and then open inetpub folder.
  7. Inside Inetpub folder open wwwroot. Make new folder inside wwwroot and paste all the file you copied in step 5. Here in this tutorial I created a new folder testnop.nop commerce installation on iis
  8. To register IIS open Visual Studio Command Prompt as shown in the below the diagram:visual studio command prompt
  9. Type the command aspnet_regiis as shown in the picture to register iis using visual studio command prompt
  10. Open IIS and Right Click on Sites in left and click on Add Web Site
  11. In Add Web Site window enter the required information as shown in picture below. Here in this tutorial I have entered website name ShopOnline in physical path select the folder in which we have copied nop commerce files in Step7. Default port is 80 you can change it if it is already assigned to some other website.install nopcommerce on localhostNow under sites a new website ShopOnline will appear.Next click on Application Pools above Sites in the left side. In Application Pools you will notice the newly added website i.e. ShopOnline.
  12. Right click on ShopOnline in Application Pools and then choose Advanced Settings. In Advanced Setting Set .Net Framework Version to 4.0 and in the Process Model set the Identity LocalSystemapplication pool on iis
  13. In the next step Right Click on website you added under Sites node of IIS and then select Manage Website and then Click on Browse.
    manage  website in iis
  14. Now nopcommerce installation screen will open in the browser. In Store Information Enter User name and Password as shown below
    nop commerce admin
  15. In database information enter the required values as shown in the picture below and then click on Install.nopcommerce database
  16. The installation window of nopcommerce will appear in the browser and after successful installation demo store will open in the browser.
  17. Next you can check the database which is created with this installation of nopcommerce.nopcommerce database in sqlserver 2008