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Adobe Photoshop basics to create a Photoshop document

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After you have got Adobe Photoshop Installed on your system, you need to open a new photoshop document to start with your work.
Follow the steps given below to get a basic understanding of Photoshop-

1. Opening a new Photoshop document (PSD).
  • Navigate to File tab on the tool bar > New

  • A dialog box opens wherein you need to fill in the name of your file , the height and width of your file in inches , pixels, cm, etc. and also specify the color mode for your file like RGB or Grey scale etc. (these two being the most used).
  • Click OK after specifying all this and your file is ready to be worked upon.

2. Adding and deleting Layers and Groups in Adobe Photoshop
  • Remember that in Photoshop everything is a part of a layer and this feature gives us the ease to modify each layer separately without affecting another layer.
  • To Add , Delete layers and Add Group , Simply go to the lower right corner of your PS dashboard.

3. Dragging an image to Adobe Photoshop
  • Any image that you drag directly to PS, automatically gets added to your file as a new layer. Just Click-Hold -drag the image from its location to your PS dashboard.

4. Adding Layers to a Group  in Adobe Photoshop
  • To add layers in a group, Click on the new group icon, then press CTRL and select the layers you want to add into one group and drag them together into the group added.

5.  Selecting large number of layers at a time in Adobe Photoshop
  • It becomes a tedious job to press CTRL and then select a layer at a time if you have to select a large number of layers
  • For this problem we can press SHIFT and select only two layers i.e. the layer from where you wish to start and the layer till where you wish to end, All the layers between these two layers will be selected at once.
  • Note that all the layers that have to be selected must be in one line.
6. Hiding Layers and Groups in Adobe Photoshop
  • Click on the ‘eye’ that is present besides every layer and group.
  • The layer/group hides itself if the ‘eye’ is hidden .

7. Moving layers in Adobe Photoshop
  • Select-Hold- Drag the layer to position it above or below other layers according to your needs.
  • We can see in the snapshots that the layer on top can be dragged below the red layer.

8. Duplicating Layers in Adobe Photoshop
  • If you want to use a similar layer/shape again, you can always duplicate the layer .
  • Right click on the layer you want to duplicate, Choose duplicate layer option.
  • Modify the duplicate layer as it suits you.

9. Renaming the Layers/Groups/Shapes in Adobe Photoshop
  • Double click on the name of the layer/group/shape  and rename it accordingly.

Go to the article Tips to transform layers/shapes in Adobe Photoshop to know more about different transforms you can perform on layers or images and make Photoshoping fun for you.


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