Sunday, December 22, 2013

How to create a ‘Custom Fill List’ in Microsoft Excel 2007?

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In the previous article we learn't about Goal Seek feature of excel. Microsoft excel has another very interesting feature of filling the lists by just dragging them and creating custom fill lists.

Suppose we want list of weekdays in a column in excel. We will simply type in Monday and drag the fill handle. 

On mouse button release we will get the entire list of weekdays.

By default excel supports this activity for very few types of lists like weekdays (Mon, Tue...), months (January, February..) etc. These lists are already defined in excel and we can directly use them.

However in order to create a custom fill list in excel we need to manually define it in excel and later we can use it.
Steps to create a ‘Custom Fill List’ in Microsoft Excel, 2007

1.       Suppose we want to create a custom fill list for 28 states of India.
2.       Types in all the states of India in one column in excel. Select all the 28 states in the column and click on Office button and select Excel Options.

3.       A new window will popup. From the left pane select ‘Popular’ tab and  click on ‘Edit Custom List’ button.

4.       A dialog box will open. Click on the ‘Import’ button.  A list will be created for 28 states of India under ‘Custom List’ section. One can see the list values under ‘List Entries’ section.

5.       Click on ‘Ok’ button and your custom fill list is created and is ready to use.
6.       Type in Andra Pradesh in a column. Drag the fill handle till your desired state.

7.       On mouse button release we will get the list of states.

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