Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to take sql server 2008 database backup on Hard Disk

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Sql Server 2008 provide facility of taking backup of database on your computer hardisk drive. In this tutorial I am explaining step by step process of taking sql server database locally on your workstation with diagrams:
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Steps to Take Sql Server Database Backup on Hardisk Drive:

Step 1: Right click on Database Name->Tasks->Back Up as shown in the diagram below:
Sql server 2008 backup

Step 2: Click on Add in Backup Database window and then select hard disk drive on your pc as shown in the picture below:
Bacup sql server 2008

Step 3: Select the Hard Disk Drive and specify backup name in File Name Field. I have specified backup name sample.bak as shown in the diagram below:

Step 4: Again in Database Backup Window select the new path specified in above step and click on ok button as shown in picture below:
database backup in sql

Step 5: The back up process will start and after completion success message would be displayed as shown in picture below:
sucessful sql backup

Now open the hard disk drive and check the backup file name as specified in step 3.


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