Monday, December 23, 2013

Password protection in Microsoft Excel

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In the previous article we learnt how to create Custom Fill Lists in Excel. In this tutorial we will learn how to protect excel workbook from unauthorized users.  Sometimes, we have confidential data in excel and want it to be accessed or modified by only authorized users.

Excel Workbook can be password protected in two forms:
1.       Excel Access Protection: Makes the access to excel workbook password protected.
2.       Excel Write Protection: Makes modification to excel workbook password protected.

Steps to make Excel workbook password protected

1.       Click on the Office button of the excel document that you want to be password protected.
2.       Click on ‘Save As’ option.

3.       At the bottom of the window, select the ‘Tools’ option. Click on the ‘Generate Options’.

4.       A dialog box will appear that will prompt you to set  the following information:
a.       Password to Open: Enter the password to access the file.
b.      Password to Modify:  Enter the password to write/make modifications to the file. User can select ‘Read Only’ check box to avoid accidental modifications.

5.       Click on ‘OK’ button and new dialog boxes will appear to confirm both the access and modification password. Re-enter them.

6.       Click on ‘Save’ button. Your excel workbook is password protected.

7.       Try opening the excel work book. It will prompt for password to access the file. Enter the password. It will prompt for Modify password. Enter password , now you can write the file as well.

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