Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Use and steps to create Watch Window in Microsoft Excel 2007

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In the previous article Password Protection in Excel we learnt how we can protect our excel document from unauthorized access or unauthorized modifications. In other words, we learnt how to grant read/write permissions for our excel document.  In this article we will learn the use of Watch Window feature present in Microsoft Excel, 2007.

What is the use of Watch Window in Microsoft Excel, 2007?

Suppose we are working on a excel workbook containing loads of data, say around 100 of rows. There may be some derived values calculated at bottom of excel on the basis of formulas using the above rows. We need to scroll up and down to change the values and see the changes at bottom. This seems to be a very laborious task and wastes time, if changes to be done are very frequent.

In order to avoid this continuous scrolling of worksheet, Microsoft Excel 2007 provides a Watch Window Feature. Watch Window in Microsoft Excel 2007 is a very advanced feature which monitors change in derived cells in a different window.

Unique Features of Watch Window

1.       Watch Window remains open even if we move to another sheet of the same excel workbook.
2.       Watch window remains open even if we move to another workbook as well.
3.       By clicking on the cell in the Watch Window we can directly go to the cell location.
Steps to create Watch Window in Microsoft Excel, 2007

1.       Suppose, we have 19 rows in an excel sheet. Only 14 rows are visible at a time. We have to scroll down to view the remaining rows.  In 19th row we are calculating the sum. So we will be creating watch window for B19.
Column A1:A18--> A101 to A118
Column B1:B18--> Values
Column B19-->Sum of B1 to B18

2.       Click on the Formulas tab. Go to Formula Editing in the panel and select the Watch Window icon. Watch Window will appear. Click on Add Watch.

3.       Your cell B19 will automatically reflect in the next window that you want to keep watch on. Click on Add button.

4.       Now the cell is added in the watch window. Watch window provide following details:
Workbook Name: Book1
Sheet Name: Sheet1
Cell: B19
Value: 171000
Forumla: =SUM(B1:B18)

5.       Now you can use the watch window to see the changes you make. Suppose, you alter A101=8000 (initial 1000). Now we don’t have to scroll down to check the Sum, we can directly look into the Watch Window.

6.       In order to remove the cell from the Watch Window. Select the cell and click on the Delete Watch.


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