Friday, January 24, 2014

Change Default Application Icon in Control Panel for setup Project in Asp.Net

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In this tutorial I will explain how to change or set an icon image for windows application setup project in control panel. This tutorial is created in visual studio 2010 but also applicable to other versions as well.
If you want to create Setup Project first then refer to this article: Create Setup in Windows Application

Steps to Set Icon Image for Setup Project in Control Panel in Windows Application:

Step 1: Select the Setup project in Solution Explorer and then Press F4 keyboard key to open property window as shown in the diagram below:

property window in window application

Step 2: In Properties window select the option AddRemoveProgramIcon and select the option Browse from the drop down as shown in the picture below:

add Remove icon window in setup

Step 3: In the Icon window click on Browse option as shown in the image below:

Icon window in setup project

Step 4: In Select Item in Project window double click on Application Folder as shown in the diagram below:

Application folder in setup project

Step 5: Select the icon image if already added to Application Folder otherwise click on Add File option to select the icon image from your desktop as shown in the picture below:

set icon in windows setup project

Step 6: Again in the Icon window select the Icon and then click on OK button as shown in the image below:

change default icon in setup project

Finally Build the setup project  and install the application by running the setup then go to Control Panel open All Programs and look for installed application then you would  find the icon is added in control panel for the setup.

Below is screen shot showing the icon in control panel which added during this tutorial:

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