Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to change default company name in setup project in Desktop Application

This tutorial explain the process of changing the Publisher name from  Default Company Name for the setup project in windows application. In previous articles I explained about How to create Setup in Asp.Net  and How to create Desktop Shortcut for setup Project in Asp.Net.

Steps to Change Default Company Name for Setup in Visual Studio:

Step 1: Select setup project in solution explorer window in visual studio and then press F4 key of the keyboard as shown in the diagram below:

change default company name for setup

Step 2: In Properties Window select the option Manufacturer as  you can see in front of Manufacturer text is Default Company Name change it to some other name as you require as shown in picture below:

change publisher name for setup in visual studio 2010

Build the Setup Project again and then install the setup. Look for the installed application in Control Panel . Under Publisher name Default Company Name would be replaced by the name you  specified in step 2.