Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to Create Desktop Shortcut with Image(icon) for setup project in Asp.Net (Windows Application)

This article is about creating desktop shortcut for setup(.exe) project in .net for windows application. In previous article I explained How to Create setup(exe) file in .net for Windows Application. 
Note before creating shortcut you should have icon file(.ico extension) for your setup project.

Steps to Create Shortcut with Icon for Setup Project in Asp.Net:

Step 1: First add the icon file to Application Folder, to add icon right click on Application Folder and then Choose the option Add->File. Select the icon image from your computer as shown in the picture below:

add icon to setup file in vs2010

Step 2: Select the Application Folder again the right click on exe file of your project and then select the option Create Shortcut to 'name of exe file'. This will add shortcut in Application folder as shown in the diagram below:

add shortcut for setup in windows application

Step 3: Right click on  added shortcut file in step 2 and select the option Cut as shown in the diagram below:

shortcut to project in desktop application

Step 4: Select User Desktop folder and then paste the shortcut file here as shown in the diagram below:

user desktop in visual studio

Step 5: Right click on the shortcut file and select the option Properties Window as shown below in the diagram:

Properties window in desktop shortcut

Step 6: In Properties window in front of Icon Property click on Browse in drop down  as shown below:

Step 7: In Icon window click on Browse option as shown in picture below:

select icon for dektop setup application

Step 8: In Select Item in Project window double click on Application Folder as shown below in the diagram:

application folder option in vs 2010

Step 9: Select the icon file added in Application Folder in Step 1 as shown below in the image:

icon file in window setup project

Step 10: Again in the Icon window under Current Icon select the icon image and click on OK as shown in the image below:

icon image in widows setup project

Finally build the solution and install the setup . Now you will notice after successful installation the shortcut with image will be shown on desktop of PC.

Hope this article helped you if having some trouble in this  process then post your comments here