Thursday, January 2, 2014

Separating , Merging and Rasterizing Layers in Adobe Photoshop

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Separating objects of an image and making Separate layers in Adobe Photoshop

  • If you have an image and you want to make layers out of all the objects in that image, use the “selection tool”.
  • Select the area of the image you want to make a different layer and right click .
  • Select “layer via copy” or “layer via cut” , your object becomes a separate layer.

  • If the options  “layer via copy” or “layer via cut”  are unavailable or any error occurs , there is a possibility that you will not be able to cut your object , in that case we will have to rasterize the image/ shape so that it is converted into a layer and all operations are available.

Rasterizing the Shape in Adobe Photoshop
  • This is done so that we are able to perform some operations on images without any errors and problems.
  • You need to right click on you layer from the layers panel and select the “rasterize layer” option.
  • Your shape/image will be converted to a layer and all options will be available.

Merging Different layers into one layer in Adobe Photoshop

  • If you need to combine two or more layers into one layer
  • You need to press CTRL and select the layers you want to combine from the layers panel
  • Then right click and select the “merge layers” option.
  • Your layers will be merged to one single layer.


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