Monday, March 31, 2014

How to Install on IIS(Internet Information Service)

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Installing (free open source blogging platform in on IIS is simple task. In this tutorial I will list all the steps of installing blogengine on IIS in localhost. The same process can be followed to setup on live server as well.

Before installing blogengine register framework 4.5 on IIS.

Steps to Install BlogEngine.Net free blog platform on IIS:

Step 1: Download blog from Download BlogEngine.Net . The download link will redirect to codeplex website. Download the web version of from there. If you want to edit the code as well then you need the source version.

Step 2: Extract the zip file and then open the folder. Select all the files inside the folder and then copy them. Open inetpub folder in C drive. Open wwwroot folder. In wwwroot folder create a new folder and paste all the copied files there as shown in the fig. below:

inetpub folder

Step 3: Open IIS and deploy the website there which is created in Step 1. If you want to check how to deploy website then go to this article first:  Deploy Website in IIS. Newly added website would be shown in IIS as you can see in the  snapshot below:

Add website in IIS

Step 4: Now Select the Application Pool and then right click on name of site in Application pool . Select the option  Properties as shown in the diagram below:

Application Pool

Step 5: In Advanced Setting in .net Framework select version 4.0 as shown in the diagram below:

select version 4.0

Step 6: Finally Right click on website name under Website Folder. Select the option Manage Website and then click on Browse as shown in the diagram below:

Browse website in IIS

Final Output In browser:

If everything is configured right then in the browser you will see the home page of as shown in the picture below:

Hope you have installed successfully. If you do face any difficulty then let me know.


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