Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Install Blogengine.net in Sub directory or sub folder on IIS

In previous articles on BlogEngine.net I explained How to Install BlogEngine on IIS and How to use Sql Server as Database for BlogEngine.net.

Now in some situations you want to host blog inside a sub-directory or folder on IIS rather than root folder. In this example I will show the steps to install blogengine.net inside a sub directory on IIS.

Steps to Host BlogEngine.net inside Sub-directory on IIS with Diagram:
Step 1: Create a sub folder on IIS and then paste all the files of BlogEngine.net which you have downloaded for blog engine.net installation as shown in the diagram below:

blog engine in sub folder

Step 2: Now right click on the Sub directory and then select the option Convert to Application as shown in the diagram below:

create virtual directory in IIS

Step 3: In Add Application window click on Ok button as shown in the image below:

how to create virtual directory in iis

Step 4: Now you have to edit permission for the folder you converted to application . Right click on sub folder and then select the option Edit Permissions as shown in the screen shot below:

set permissin in IIS

Step 5: Select the Security tab and click on Edit Button as shown in the diagram below:

edit permission for folder in iis

Step 6: Select the option IIS_IUSRS and then select all the check boxes under allow to allow full permission as shown in the picture below:

IIS_IUSRS permissions

Step 7: Right click on website then select option Manage Web Site and then click on Restart as shown in the image below:

restart website in iis

Finally browse the website in browser and specify the name of sub directory in which you have installed blog engine.net in url. If every thing is set accordingly then the following screen would be displayed in the browser.

If you get any issue during all these steps then let us know through comments.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. My main blog page renders as shown, but after logging in as admin I cannot access any of the administration pages. Generic error: "Ooops! An unexpected error has occurred." Any ideas?

    1. Update: this doesn't seem to be related to the sub directory as I just copied it up a level and see the same error. It may be a problem with hosting.

  2. You need to ask your 2012 site hosting to set asp.net Trust to full. Usually they set it to "Medium", so your blog is visible but is not possible to edit.

  3. I have followed the instructions, but still get a 403 error, and it indicates the most likely cause is that the 'website requires you to log in.'.

    When I create the site as a stand-alone site it works, but as a subdirectory it gives me errors