Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Using Sql Server as Back-End Database in BlogEngine.net

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In previous tutorial I explained the steps for installing BlogEngine.net on IIS. Some time you want to use Sql Server as db for your BlogEngine.net Installation. To use MSSQL as back-end for Blog Engine follow the steps which are given below:

Steps to Use Microsoft Sql Server(MSSQL) as Database in BlogEngine.Net:

Step 1: Expand Setup folder of BlogEngine.net setup which you have downloaded. Now Expand SQlServer node inside setup folder and then open the .sql file for the version you have downloaded as shown in the screen shot below:

using sql as database in blogengine.net

Step 2: Now copy the whole script from the script file you opened in step 1 as shown in the picture below:

BlogEngine.net sql script

Step 3: Create a New database in Sql Server.Run the sql script you copied in  step 2. After execution of the script successfully tables and  procedure would be created inside the database.

Step 4: In this step copy the SQLServerWeb.Config from inside the SQLServer folder as shown in picture below and rename this file to web.config. Copy this file in the root folder. The web.config file in the root folder would be replaced by this file.

copy SQLServerWeb.config file

Step 5: Replace the connection string value according to your connection string parameter as shown in the screenshot below:

set connection string in web.config

Finally run the application . If everything is configured  properly then following screen would be displayed as shown below:
BlogEngine.net with Sql Server

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