Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BrainBrushUps First Google AdSense Cheque!

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Google AdSense is one of the finest ways to earn online. Striving to get the AdSense account approved by Google and reaching the first $100 threshold is surely a journey with incessant efforts.  First Adsense cheque from Google makes you feel, yes there is something in this virtual world of internet that actually pays ($$$...) you for your efforts.

Unlike many fake online earning programs, Adsense is a sure shot and authentic way to earn online and delivers cheque at your doorsteps as soon as you reach Google AdSense $100 threshold. Your first Google AdSense cheque gives you a push to work more on your blog/website because you actually have cheque in your hand for what you have been working for the past months.  So, be consistent with your blog posts and maintain their quality and Adsense will fetch you dollars proportionally.

Our journey with BrainBrushUps started few months back and today we received our first Adsense cheque. It is very encouraging to have been rewarded like this. Our work at BrainBrushUps not only benefits our audience on internet but at the same time we get a way to revise our skills. We will be continuing with our posts in same fashion and accelerate BrainBrushUps to greater heights.

BrainBrushUps first Google AdSense Cheque:


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