Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Give Pillow like or Emboss effect to Shapes/Text using Adobe Photoshop

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In the previous posts we gained basic understanding of how to create a photoshop doc and use tools on the left panel, loading shapes and brushes etc.  Its time we start playing around with the shapes of our image.
Some times we need to give an emboss feel to a shape or any text to enhance certain parts of an Image .
This can be very easily done using specific effects in Photoshop.

Steps to create a Pillow like effect to the parts of an image:

1. Go to the shapes tool on the left panel , select the curved edged rectangle. Set its color and radius of the edges etc.  accordingly and draw the rounded rectangle.

2. Go to the text  tool on the left panel , select the horizontal text tool. Set its color and size, font style etc. accordingly and write some text.

3. Now comes the actual fun, first we will give Pillow effect to the rectangle. Go to the layers panel on the right --  Right click on the shape -- go to the Blending Options
A Panel will open up no. of effects that you can apply to the shape.

4. Click on the Bevel & Emboss option—check the button—Its panel opens, Here you can see various properties of this effect like –Style, technique, depth, Direction etc. You can play around with all these properties to get the desired look for your shape.

5. We can give a different feel to the text as well , following the same steps you can create infinite no. of combinations of effects just by altering these properties.

6. As we can see in the screenshots, rectangle and the text both have a different effect of emboss to them.

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